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Birth of Buddha

Gautam Buddha also known as shakya Muni is the founder of Buddhism region. Once upon at time, he passes through the ways. He saw the three panic scenes that divert his mind to search the peace. These panic people are old people, sick person and dead Body. He does not have any knowledge about these stages of life. Chariot channa with him at the time duration of this scene. As a prince he never saw the tragic event of life. He lives in the zone of palace where only the luxury and pleasure of life adjoining the area. He decided that he should make the get rid of this tragedy’s causes. He was married early in the age of sixteen years. His father Suddhona arranged her marriage to the princess Yashoddhra. According to the mythology Yassodhra give a birth to the son Known as Rahul. King Suddhodha gives the all facility that he wants and need within the boundary of palace. But the Gautam Buddha has no affection towards the physical material of the life. On day, in the stormy night he leaves all the pleasure of This kingdom .He leaves this palace when his life-partner is sleeping in the mid-night. He had given no information about this.

Buuddha has own great significance. The real meaning of Buddha is to awaken the one or enlightens one. In most of the Buddha traditions, Gautam Buddha means supreme Buddha in terms of pali sculpture. He make a link between sensual indulgence and the numerous ascetism found in the srasmana movement. He takes a birth in shakya kingdom and his childhood name was Siddhartha.

Birth Place of Buddha

Childhood of Buddha

When the Siddhartha has taken the birth on the earth, his mother has died. So he has brought-up by his aunt .Kalipvastau, a shakya clan, where child siddherta has taken birth and have made the pious theis land. Now-a-day, this kingdom lies in the area of Kapilavastu.In the present time He has taken the birth on the earth at time of 566 B.C in the shape of the Suddhodhana’s Child.

Buddha’s father belongs to the warrior caste. After the birth of price, a sage name as asita came in his courtyard. He predicted the whole life story of prince. He tells the king that his son prefer the life of the sage. He refused the splendid life of Shakya’s court. He would be Buddha rather than universal monarch. Princes consist of two and three auspicious epitome of spiritual alertness such as broad forehead, large eyes and thick eyelashes.

Childhood Of Buddha

 Teachings of Buddha

“The first sermon”
After doing the mediation and gaining the knowledge under the tree of banyana, he becomes as Buddha.Buddha is the person who have the control over soul and mind.He wandred abotut far and wide places of the world to sprinkle their knowledge.So that a large number of masses gain the benefit of Boddhistave.In the remaining age of 45 year, he was wandered about the marsh area of Ganga Area. He traveled in the different area of india like Utter Pradesh, Bihar and Souther part of Nepal.Here, he give his knowledge to diverse kinfd of people in the success ful manner.
He distribute his knowledge not only to noble persons but also to the murdred people like Angulimal.After getting the knowledge about Lord Buddha, He adopted the path of non-voilence. He also reformed the habits of cannibal of Alavaka.
History also not preavail the acuurate information about the languge of lord Buddha.It is unknown for most of the people.He preached in one and more variety of Lanuage that is cobination of Indo-Aryan language.Most Probalayit is known as Pali secript or Language.
Lord Buddha gives his sermon in the sarnath. He tells that his teaching is almost concerned about the ending the feeling of pain that arise insides in the body and soul of masses. He tells the pain is the part of life. He cited that the pain happens due the pool of desire. Doing good thing and never do the bad thing is the best criteria to avoid the pain. He also advocates for understanding the humans mind and heart.

Teaching of Buddha

Parinirvana of Buddha

The Mahanirvana means great nirvana. All of the human beings have attached this physical world with five aggregates. These five aggregations are body, feeling, perception, mental formation and consciousness. Body way is the process of making their identification in the physical world. Our body has made better influence thought the speech. Feeling has been attained with five sense organs like eyes, ear ,tounge ,skin and nose.Mental formation scan the this imagination of one’s body. At the age of eighty year, Lord Buddha has gone in the stage of take farewell from the world. When holy corpse of buudha kept into a coffin, the impervious fire is convert fire into simple flame. However, divine flames comes from the HER Body. This process has been going on the constant rate for seven days. The physical body of Buddha turned into the heap of ashes. These shariras were distributed into eight equal parts and sprinkled across the whole world.
More than four decade from the time of when he achieved the bodh under the banayan tree.He get the Mahanirvan at the age of eigthy. It is also known as the final month of Buddha’s life.

parinirvana of Buddha


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